Consumer Participation at Te Korowai-Whāriki

Consumer Participation:

Is a given right of all service users
Is a process to improve the quality of services
May help increase the level of satisfaction with services received
Influences decision making process
Must be present at the level of care an individual receives.

Participation happens at every level of the service:

Consumer Advisor

• Works as part of the Executive Management Group
• Is involved in Policy, Service Planning, Monitoring
• Scrutinises with others training packages being delivered to staff
• Is involved with service planning in wider regional groups
• Provides support and line management to the Consumer Team and workers who identify as Service Users
• Leads and facilitates the Consumer Council
• Shares and models recovery to current inpatient service users

Consumer Consultant

• Works at a service delivery level of Te Korowai-Whāriki
• Provides information to the Advisor on matters of relevance or concern
• Monitors participation at the delivery level and reports back to the Advisor
• Attends meetings of residents ensuring their voice and issues are heard and acted on
• Offers advice and assistance to staff on new participation projects
• Keeps networks in local community active
• Shares and models recovery to current inpatient service users

Consumer Council

• Advises on issues of relevance
• Comments on planning of new services, design of buildings and service delivery
• Offers advice to the Operations Managers as requested
• Writes evaluation surveys for the service and implements them
• Shares and models recovery to current inpatient service users

Open Doors Worker

• The open doors worker is a community link worker with service users of Saunders House
• Works at the service delivery level
• Brings ideas and areas of concern to the Consumer Adviser for action
• Shares and models recovery to current inpatient service users

Inpatient Service User

• Has the right to attend residents meetings
• Must have input into their Multi Disciplinary Team meeting, either in person or by prior discussion with the care worker
• Writes their relapse prevention plan with assistance of staff if required
• Has the right to speak to the Consumer Advisor or Consultant to raise issues in privacy
• Can access independent advocacy if required
• Can access District Inspectors
• Will be updated by the Consumer Consultant who will seek their ideas on new services being planned
• Will be encouraged to be actively involved in their treatment by the responsible clinician

Mainstream Staffing

Many people have shared their own story with the Consumer Team. I want to acknowledge those people in this document who for professional or other reason have decided not to self disclose to all.
In particular I acknowledge the people who have shared from the following professions.
• Psychology
• Support worker
• Psychiatry
• Nursing
• Office workers

All staff at Te Korowai-Whāriki can be pleased with the building of the level of participation in this service.
We cannot become complacent however, while we have done much building, there is still much building to do!

Lynda Thoumine
Consumer Advisor.