Te Korowai-Whāriki employs specialist Pasifika staff.  The Service has a specialist facility for Pacific people, Vaka O Le Pasifika, to support culturally based programmes for clients.  

Afele Seuala 

Le Mamea joined the service in September in 1999 and was the first Pacific appointment.  He was employed by the Presbyterian Support Services in a social work and counselling role before taking up his current role of Pasifika Consultant. This role ensures that the voice of the Pacific is represented at all levels of the service as well as providing cultural advice to management.

Le Mamea and Tavaga are from Matautu (Lefaga) and Lalomanu (Aleipata) respectively.  Le Mamea and the Vaka Pasifika team are commited to striving for better outcomes for Tagata Pasifika of the Te Korowai-Whāriki Services.

"Our Pacific forefathers were highly regarded amongst the greatest navigators using only the stars and elements of their environment to travel to and from their desired destination."   Vaka Pasifika provides an environment and also opportunities for tagata Pasifika to revisit cultural practices, protocols and values.  These in turn will strengthen each individual's unique identity, confidence and self esteem, thereby setting the foundation for a positive journey towards recovery.  Such is the significance of the Vaka, where the Pasifika team are utilised as a vehicle, that cultural needs of the tagata Pasifika are addressed and their voice is heard through the wider service. 

The main ethos of the Vaka Pasifika team is to achieve maximum outcomes for the clients in accessing services both on campus and in the community, by identifying gaps in services and providing culturally competent support, clinical expertise and interventions.

The main activities and programmes provided to Tagata Pasifika clients include wood carving, cooking, traditional music, gardening, weaving, sports and field trips, to name a few.

For more information, the Vaka Pasifika team can be contacted on 04 9182615.

A building designed especially for the Pasifika 
team has recently been commissioned.  The 
picture was taken at the opening on 25 August 2009.

The name Vaka Pasifika means Canoe of the Pacific.