Family Advisor

Family Advisors

Family Advisors promote the Participation in Partnership model, which aims to effectively involve families and whānau (including family of choice) in care and treatment while they are supporting someone who is experiencing mental health issues, addictions or a family member, friend with an intellectual disability.  We use the term ‘family and whānau’ in the broader sense to include partners, relatives, friends, carers and support people.

The main functions of a Family Advisor centre around strengthening the involvement of families and whānau at all levels of the Mental Health, Addiction and Intellectual Disability Service (MHAID) 3DHB.

A Family Advisor:

  • Contributes to ongoing quality improvement of the service
  • Works collaboratively with a wide range of staff to develop policy,  procedures and clinical practice that is inclusive of family and whānau
  • Provides advice to senior managers and leaders on how to improve services from the perspective of families and whānau
  • Promotes policy and decision making which enhances family and whānau participation
  • Works alongside Māori, Pasifika and other cultural DHB services and non-government organisations
  • Plans, promotes and collaborates to deliver family and whānau centered projects

This role develops and maintains constructive working relationships with key non government organisations working with family and whānau, including Supporting Families and Atareira (Wellington Branch of Supporting Families)

The Te Korowai Whariki Family Council meets quarterly to provide feedback and recommendations to the service. There are family information and networking groups held at intervals throughout the year. People who are interested in enquiring about the Family Council or other family groups, please contact the Family Advisor.

Lisa Beech
Family Advisor
Email: Lisa.Beech "at"

Telephone: (04) 918 2610