Te Korowai-Whariki

The phrase Te Korowai-Whāriki is used to capture a number of important elements that relate to the operation of the regional and national services that we provide.  Te Korowai-Whāriki has its own unique identify and stakeholders.  Stakeholders include the local mental health services of regional DHBs, Ministry of Social Development, Disabilities Services Directorate of the Ministry of Health, Police, Prisons, Justice, NGOs, consumers,  whanau and  families.

Korowai refers to the overarching cloak and Whāriki to the interwoven strands that bind the cloak together.  The imagery is particularly fitting, identifying as it does the interlinking of the regional and national services and our commitment to the tangata whaiora/consumers, whanau and families in our area.

The round logo on the Home Page has been used for many years and was designed by Ngati Toa crafts people (the Maori iwi/tribe for the Porirua area) using green to show the richness of the land and yellow the sun and good health.  The structure of the logo represents the cornerstones of health.